What you must do to enjoy Christmas celebration.

Many people go extremely broke immediately after Christmas because of many reasons of which one of them is too much unnecessary spending.

If you really want to get the best out of this Christmas, here are the things to consider.
1. Plan yourself.
 There is a saying that he who fails to plan, has automatically planned to fail. If you want to enjoy Christmas celebration, you will have to plan very well. When planning for Christmas, you must consider the economic situation, you must consider how much that is in your pocket, if you find out that you don't have enough money to spend, please don't kill yourself after all it is Christ's birthday and it not written anywhere that one must spend all his life earnings.

 2. Start early.
 For those that likes buying many things on Christmas such as clothes, cars, electronics, etc it is advisable to buy all these  a month to Christmas because during Christmas, prices of goes escalate to high level.

3. Have fun.
All fingers are not equal so there are many stages of fun but they are all called fun. While rich men travel to London and many other places for Christmas celebration, those that can't afford to do that must have fun in there own little way. If you can afford a bottle of drink for yourself thank God.

4. Take the kids out.
The kids are always so excited during Christmas, that's how kids behave. If you can't afford them new clothes for the kids, wash the old ones and dress them neat. Buy a drink or ice cream for the kids no matter how little it is.

5. Visit friends and well  wishers.
This is also another interesting thing about Christmas celebration. It is an opportunity we see those we haven't seen many months or years back. Pay them visit and wish them happy Christmas.

6. Pray.
The reason for the season must not be forgotten. We all know what Christmas stand for. It is the birth of Jesus christ. We must pray for forgiveness and thank God for sending his only begotten son to die for our sins.

7. Stay out of trouble.
Many people die because of Christmas celebration. Do not go to places that would expose you to danger. Drive slowly and drink less alcohol.

8. After Christmas what next?
Many businesses close down for eternity after Christmas. Some people couldn't afford transportation fee back to the city after Christmas because of reckless spending. You must learn to save during Christmas. You must keep aside money for your business or the amount you will need for the next year apart. DO NOT SPEND ALL YOUR LIFE SAVINGS BECAUSE OF CHRISTMAS.
   Merry Christmas and prosperous new year in advance. I believe that 2018 will be more better in the name of Jesus christ. Amen.

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