Reasons why women live longer than men.

In Australia, an average baby boy born in 2016 could expect to live to 80, while a baby girl born at the same time could expect to live until closer to 85. A similar gap in life expectancy between men and women is seen around the world.

 As we better understand why people die, we’re learning how biological and behavioural factors may partly explain why women live longer than men. Scientific advancements also impact the health of women and men differently. Biology and behaviour While women may live longer than men, they report more illnesses, more doctor visits and more hospital stays than men. This is known as the morbidity-mortality paradox (that is, women are sicker but live longer).

One explanation is that women suffer from illnesses less likely to kill them. Examples of chronic non-fatal illnesses more common in women include migraines, arthritis and asthma. These conditions may lead to poorer health, but don’t increase a woman’s risk of premature or early death. But men ar…

Trump calls House speaker Nancy Pelosi 'a disgrace to herself and her family'

President Donald Trump said Friday that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is "a disgrace to herself and her family."

 Trump added that Pelosi's reported comments about wanting to see Trump "in prison" were "such a disgusting statement, especially since I was with foreign leaders overseas." Earlier this week, while he was attending commemoration events for the 75th anniversary of D-Day in Normandy, France, Trump called Pelosi a "disaster" and a "nasty, vindictive" person.

Pelosi, who is also in Normandy, told reporters that she had a policy of not criticizing the president while on foreign soil. "I don't talk about the president while I'm out of the country. That's my principle," she said. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

President Donald Trump continued his fierce attacks on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday, calling her "a disgrace to herself and her family." "Nervous Na…

Dangers of eating Noodles

Most people consume noodles especially when they are tired and need to rest first or too busy to cook. Other times this food is cooked for children who could be hungry before the food destined to be cooked will take long. Most people have also replaced noodles for other meals. This food is fast to cook though most of us do not know the invading dangers of consuming such a meal.

 Instant noodles are high in calories, fat, sodium, artificial colours, unsaturated fats and preservatives though they are low in nutritive content due to high processing done before they are packed.

 These foods are delicious and convenient but can cause severe health problems when consumed regularly.

 Excessive noodle consumption can lead to; 1. Obesity The noodles have increased levels of preservatives and calories. They are also devoid of any nutritive components and excessive consumption possess increased chances of obesity.

 2. Heart problems The unsaturated fats in the noodles when consumed regu…

Eden Hazard sends heartbreaking farewell message to fans as he ends his Career at Chelsea.

Following the news tonight that Chelsea and Real Madrid have reached a deal for Eden Hazard to move clubs, the player posted a message for Chelsea

 The words read: To my Chelsea friends and family, You now know that I will be joining Real Madrid. It’s no secret that it was my dream to play for them since I was a young boy just scoring my first goal. I have tried my very best not to distract myself or the team through this difficult period of speculation and media attention, especially the last 6 months.

 Now the Clubs have reached an agreement I hope you understand I had to pursue my next chapter, just as each and every one of you should when you have the chance to pursue your dreams. Leaving Chelsea is the biggest and toughest decision in my career to date. Now it’s in the open I would like to put on record one thing was always clear to me, I have loved every moment at Chelsea and not once did I ever consider, nor would I have left for any other Club.

 I was only 21 when I j…

7 tips on how to get white teeth.

There are plenty of benefits of having your teeth white as snow: it helps you to make a better first impression, makes you look younger and boosts your confidence. Let me share with you some simple tips that will help you to make your teeth whiter and, therefore, your smile brighter

1) Colour of your food is important. Cut back on dark drinks such as coffee, cola, black tea or red wine. Those drinks not only stain your teeth, but also can weaken them over time. If you anyway love those drinks, try to use a straw while drinking them, to have less contact with your white teeth.
 2) What you eat affects your teeth. Avoid (or try to eat rarely) certain foods because they can change the colour of your teeth, such as: soy sauce, ketchup and almost all acidic foods and drinks (lemons, candies, sodas…) Instead, eat more nuts, whole grains, fruits and vegetables rich in fibre and, of course, our best friend is water.

Many freshly squeezed citrus fruits, for example, contain concentrated fr…

Billions of dollars belonging to dead people in various bank accounts

No one is praying to die unexpectedly but the obvious truth is that people die unexpectedly everyday. As you leave your house, it's only God that knows whether you will make it home alive or not. We are not praying for the worst but we need to let at least one person in our family especially wife or children to know all the secrets of our bank accounts, ATM pins and everything they need to know in order to withdraw money from our accounts incase something happens. Read the confession and warnings of a bank manager. After reading this, inform your husband or wife or children of the assets and money you have in bank accounts. Wives also inform your husbands. Please read the warnings of a female bank manager:::::::::: While talking with a female bank manager she made a scary revelation to me. She told me how Nigerian bank vaults are filled with monies of dead men who kept their bank accounts secret from their wives. She explained it was against bank ethics or policies for …

This is how scammers withdraw money from customers' bank account

The Niger State Police Command has arrested two suspected hackers of bank accounts who specialize in using software to steal customers’ money The suspects, whose names were given as Abdulmalik Usman and Najeeb Saidu, both of IBB Road, Hill Top, Minna, were apprehended by police operatives attached to some banks. The suspects had been involved in the crime for over three years before they were nabbed. In a confessional statement, the prime suspect, Usman, boasted: “This is what I know how to do. I just installed the software in the system and it works like a magic; I can withdraw any amount I want. “The software can be used to withdraw money from any bank in Nigeria and you will begin to make your cool money without police hassles. They (police) don’t even understand how it works.” The state Police Public Relations Officer, Muhammad Abubakar, confirmed the arrest, saying the suspects had confessed to the crime. Abubakar said police operatives recovered five Automated Teller Mac…

We are looking for husbands - Nigerian female soldiers

Some group of military women reported to be Nigerians have hinted to hit the street soon if men do not approach them for marriage proposals. According to the information picked by, these female soldiers are in dire need of men who they can also call their husbands. The most intriguing aspect of all is that, these women want to have babies of their own after making so much money now just like every other woman. Sadly, the Nigerian men are scared to approach them for marriage leaving them frustrated and devastated. The information didn’t state the date and time for their intended protest. Do you think Nigerian men are afraid for which reason they can’t propose to military women? Leave your comments below.

PREMIER LEAGUE 2018; manchester united VS Leicester City. Match preview

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho says he will make a late decision on his World Cup stars ahead of the opening Premier League fixture of the season against Leicester, live on Sky Sports. United host the Foxes on Friday Night Football, but the squad has been blighted by injuries with six first-team players ruled out of the curtain-raiser. Mourinho welcomed back Paul Pogba, Jesse Lingard and Romelu Lukaku this week in training, but the Portuguese is reluctant to rush them back despite the shortage of options. src="//"> He said: "They returned on Monday. They trained Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and today [Thursday] so you can imagine they are not really fit and ready but we have needs. "After training I will speak will that group of players because everyone is different physically and mentally. "I want to see how available they feel they are because it is very important they are feeling to unders…

Identical twin brothers to Wed identical twin sisters and leave in the same house

Two sets of Michigan twins will tie the knot this weekend, after falling in love with each other--together. The couples shared their first date, engagement and also plan to share their post-marriage home. Identical twins Kassie and Krissie Bevier plan to marry Zack and Nick Lewan in Grass Lake, Michigan, on August 3 and 4, reports the Jackson Citizen Patriot. Krissie and Zack's wedding will take place on Friday and their siblings Kassie and Nick will wed Saturday. The happy couples will then share a reception on Saturday night. The one thing the duos didn't do together was meet. Kassie and Nick met four years ago while attending a psychology class held at Grand Valley State University, reports AP. In a stroke of fate, the professor asked the class if there were any twins present. The future lovebirds both raised their hands. "I was looking around and I looked behind and I was like, 'Oh. I'm in trouble now,'" Nick Lewan said. Kassie and Nick chose to…

SAD NEWS: 9 Corps members drowned in Taraba state

Nine corps members serving in Gashaka local government area of Taraba state were on Saturday drown in a river when they went out for a picnic. Police said the bodies of seven were recovered on Sunday. Gashaka is near the Mambilla Plateau. Police spokesman, David Misal, who confirmed the incident to The Nation, said he was expecting a detailed briefing from the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in the area. “Some corpers serving in Gashaka went out to do picnic. It’s like they were celebrating something. “And maybe, they were not good swimmers or the water overpowered them. Nine of them were drown. “Today our men recovered the bodies of seven. “I am still waiting for detailed briefs from our DPO in the area, but the network service is not that good,” Misal said. Sudden increase in the volume of water in River Mayo Celbe, Taraba was responsible for the drowning of nine corps member who were swimming during a picnic party, the police said. State NYSC Coordinator, Mrs Florence Yaakug…

The White House working on peace between Israel and Palestine

The White House has begun staffing up its Middle East policy team in preparations for the rollout of a peace plan between the Israelis and Palestinians in the near future. President Donald Trump's son-in-law, Jared Kushner, is heading up the team tasked with helping come up with a peace plan between Israel and Palestine. WASHINGTON (AP) - U.S. officials say the Trump administration is staffing up a Middle East policy team at the White House in anticipation of unveiling its long awaited but largely mysterious Israeli-Palestinian peace plan. The National Security Council last week began approaching other agencies seeking volunteers to join the team, which will work for President Donald Trump's Mideast peace pointmen Jared Kushner and Jason Greenblatt, according to the officials. The team, which is being set up to organize the peace plan's public presentation and any negotiations that may ensue, will comprise three units: one concentrating on its political and security de…